Ernesto Breda Α 14

Manufactured by Ernesto Breda company, our A 14 unit is the last one remaining of the original 14 units that arrived in Greece in 1952 as part of reparations from Italy. Numbered A 1 to 14, they were single railcars with an output of 390 hp and a maximum speed of 75 km/h. Weighing 44 tons each, they could carry up to 72 passengers in second class, also featuring a bar counter located in the middle of the passenger saloon. As they did not feature a first class compartment, they usually hauled a trailer coach that featured first and second class seats.

Breda railcars served tirelessly for 37 years crossing the Thessalian plains until their retirement eventually came, from 1987 to 1989. A 14 was the last one to be withdrawn from service, having survived thanks to her sisters that provided her with spare parts, until she was finally retired in 1990. She was then saved from being scrapped and is now stabled in our depot, unfortunately out of service and in poor condition.

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