Be a Volunteer

If you are fond of railways, nature, history and you enjoy being part of a team or you simply like to care, here is your chance! What you can offer as a volunteer not only benefits you as a person but also the team and the locals too as our project grows wider.

Railways work similarly to society. Either it is in commercial use or of a heritage nature, it still requires team effort to keep running. Offering, caring and team effort are key features of volunteering, after all. In Thessaly Heritage Railway, it is the team that clears out a blocked rail crossing or maintains a coach or simply cleans a sleeping room. It is the team that laughs things off, that bonds, works hard and adds value and existence to a heritage train that carries people to a magical tour.

It is definitely worth observing your own effort giving joy and hope to visitors, with your own eyes. It is worth it feeling content thanks to your effort in keeping alive a piece of industrial and cultural heritage. You devoted your effort in something others simply ignore. It is you who understands the beauty and uniqueness of heritage trains, you are its soul, its momentum towards our goal, to restore the ever magnificent Thessaly Railways and place them among the best, equivalent to heritage railways around the world, a railway that offers smiles and endless journeys on the rails to all those who love heritage railways.

Be a part of our momentium, join us on the rails!
Your energy is our strength!


If you would like to participate as a volunteer you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Be a Greek resident.
  • Read and accept our terms of operations.
  • Submit a registration application form, an application of the N.1599/1986 law with an authenticated signature and an ID photocopy. All the aforementioned documents shall be submitted to the Board of Administration.


Please print your registration and N.1599/1986 law application forms.

Please fill them out and send them via post, along with an ID copy, to the following address:

IMPORTANT NOTE! The N.1599/1986 law application form must be accompanied by a signature authentication document.

No registration or annual fees are required for any new volunteers!

You will be informed via e-mail (which must be provided in your registration form), once we have received your documents. A protocol number will be provided to you in accordance. Finally, your registration form will be registered in our records and will be evaluated by the Board of Administration.

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