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Few words about our team

Thessaly Museum Railways began operating in 1999, starting only with a few volunteers whose dream and aspiration was to demonstrate the line’s value. The base of operations was initially Velestino station, as the area around it featured headquarters, a small depot and a turntable, infrastructure necessary for the team’s purpose. Up until today, works on the line are focused on tasks such as replacing aging sleepers, restoring the loading gauge and replacing ballast along the tracks, all to ensure safe museum railway vehicles operation. To ensure this, a small diesel – hydraulic locomotive was bought from the Greek Corporation for Electric Power, in 2000. Previously operating in Aliveri, on an industrial line, it was transported to Volos depot where a new coupling system was fitted, enabling her to haul our museum coaches. It has been serving the team ever since.

Due to Greece’s intense financial crisis, operations have been really slow since 2009. Yet, a new effort has began by us, with this brand-new webpage being part of it. Since 2017, our goal has been to keep the line in operational condition from Velestino to Chalkodonio stop, a total length of 18.5 kilometres. This is the most interesting and picturesque part of the line featuring steep grades and a semi – mountainous profile. Our next short-term goal is to render the line operational to Rigeo station, 7 kilometres away from Chalkodonio, our long-term goal being to extend it to Paleofarsalos station. Thus, frequent voluntary works are necessary, at least once a month, for our goals to materialize. Keep in mind the existing part of the line and our rail vehicles also require constant maintenance. This is why we hope new members will join our team in our effort to restore the line, thus being able to enjoy the Thessalian plain’s beauty, also offering it to people, from a train’s window…always keeping in mind that one does is not merely transported by train but is rather making a journey on it.

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