Privacy Policy
Which personal data is collected and why?

Personal dataare collected by our website exclusively via communication forms. Any data collected are stored in our database for the purpose of maintaining a history log. Depending on the form users are asked to fill he / she may be asked to provide us with personal information which may be used by the administrators for the sake of proper and correct communication between the two parties (administrators and visitors).

How personal data are collected?

This happens exclusively via communication forms. Other services able to collect personal data, such as user login and comments section, are disabled. 

Communication forms

Communication between the administrators and visitors is performed via communication forms, filled by visitors in order to grant his request to communicate with administrators. Upon filling out such a form of communication users agree to their personal data being stored in our database for the purpose of maintaining a history log.

When a user fills out a communication form, we collect the data shown in it, as well as the users’ IP address and the browsers’ font, in order to prevent any unwanted / spam messages from appearing. An anonymous font created by your e mail address (called ‘’hash’’) may be provided to Gravatar services in order to validate it being used by you. Gravatars’ privacy policy is available here.

 How we protect your personal data.

Our webpage utilizes a security protocol (SSL) that encrypts your personal data. Moreover, we redirect the domain name to the Gloudfare service in order to prevent ‘’DDoS’’ attacks. We also implement a firewall that prevents any unauthorized person from interfering with the administrative process.

Accessing and deleting your personal data.

Your personal data can only be accessed by the webpages’ administrators who are also responsible for updating and deleting data. Users are entitled to receive updates for free on all data stored in our database. Users are also entitled to ask for the deletion of all their personal information, as well as their communication history. If you wish to submit an update or deletion request, please contact us, stating your request. Your request will be granted within 48 hours.

Cookies policy.

We use cookies to make your visit to our webpage more enjoyable and efficient and to provide you with more interactive features. Without using cookies, proper and full working order of the webpage cannot be ensured, even when navigating through sub menus. However, it is your legal right not to accept the policy, if you do not wish so.

Cookies remain in your devices’ memory, allowing us or any associated parties with us to recognise your web browser when you visit our webpage again (persistent cookies). You may set your web browser in a way that enables you to individually decide whether to accept or decline this policy in any certain occasion or in general.

Content featured from other websites.

Our webpage and articles may contain integrated content from other websites (e.g. videos, pictures or links). Such content behaves as if the user visited its website. Other aforementioned websites may collect your personal data, use cookies, integrate third party content, including tracking your interaction with this content, if you maintain an account in them and you are logged in to them.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Your personal information is not shared with anyone else. The only reason why we collect your personal information is to ensure proper communication between administrators and visitors. This information is not subject to any processing or sharing with other parties.

Accepting our privacy policy.

By accepting the terms of our privacy policy, you agree with your personal data being collected and used for communication purposes, in compliance with the GDPR regulations of the European Union.

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