Linke Hofmann 2ΑΚ 420 01

This is a unique, one of its kind DMU, in Europe and globally. She is quite similar to the well – known SVT 877 German made class of DMU railcars, also known as ‘’Flying Hamburgers’’. 8 railcars were ordered from Linke Hofmann Werke for use on the SPAP Peloponnese network. They would be assigned to the Peiraeus – Tripolis – Kalamata and Piraeus – Patras – Pirgos – Kiparissia routes. Their commercial operation began in 1938, their assigned classification being 2 AK 420 – 01 to 0. In 1962, SPAP railway was incorporated by SEK (Hellenic State Railways), so they were renumbered to 4201 to 4208. It is a two – car long articulated train, with a total weight of 55,9 tons, achieving a horsepower output of 420 hp, using a mechanical gearbox. She can seat up to 92 passengers at a top speed of 62 km/h. In 1976, DMU 2AK 420 – 01, along with 420 – 03 and 05, were assigned to Thessaly region in order to work for Thessaly Railways.

Our very own DMU ended its commercial career in 1990, after 53 years on duty. She was stabled at Volos station until 1993, when she was restored and repainted in her original livery in order to serve as a heritage unit on the Volos to Kalambaka route. Since the aforementioned route was abolished in 1998, our DMU has found her new home in Velestino depot, where she is currently undergoing a major refurbishment.

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